The approach to winemaking at Château de Saint-Pey is technical rather than technological. As soon as the harvest comes off the trailers, it is optically sorted to ensure that only the perfect grapes are kept. This initial selection of berries guarantees the homogeneity of the grapes in each vat, so that the fermentation process can be adapted accordingly.

Major extension and renovation work in 2024 is providing the estate with a technical tool corresponding to the new style of gourmet wines, which can be enjoyed from the third year and continue to deliver well beyond that.

An experimental room has also been created for ageing in foudre barrels, amphorae and concrete vats, in order to carry out trials with different grape varieties and plots. A test centre has also been set up with the cooper Nadalié and the Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin to assess the interactions between the tannins in the wood and the tannins in the grapes.