Logo : Château de Saint-Pey, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

Château de Saint-Pey has been committed to a quality-security-environment approach since June 2012.

The entire team, accompanied by a Quality Manager, has undertaken to improve the HACCP system on an ongoing basis.

The objective of the in-depth analysis of all the risks and "dangers" at every stage of the wine-making process, is to ensure consumer and operator safety, and the quality of the production.

Château de Saint-Pey is equipped with powerful traceability software which enables the entire operation to be viewed using a map tool, and for information relating to the vines and the winery to be recorded for each parcel.

The introduction of this system of management by quality preserves all of the wines' organoleptic characteristics, while at the same time ensuring safety for the consumer.

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